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If you need a password set up to access these sites, please call DER at 209.525.6700. You may also email Online Support at DER.

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DER Disposal Data Online Report Center Live!
Disposal Data Online provides Individual and Franchise Waste Carriers with reports (billing, poundage, etc.) of all disposal's instances recorded at disposal sites.
Stanislaus County Water Labs Online Live!
Water Labs Online provides the independent Water Labs in Stanislaus County to enter new lab reports and lab results, print completed state water forms, and view reports of existing entries. This site is accessible to participating Water Labs only.
DER Business Plan 2185 Web Interface In Development
The 2185 Web Interface provides Fire Fighters and DER staff access to all current and relevant 2185 Disclosure Data in the DER databases. Fire fighters and DER Employees may search and view all facility data.

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